Today we take a tour with this guy named Kyle. He’s a young dapper who is determined to show us the very heart of Mekong Delta. He first wanders through the farmlands, and chances upon a woman with dragon fruit offered outside her house. He says it looks delicious, so the woman gave it to him and his friend. What a wonderful introduction to the kindness of the Vietnamese people, right?

After that he goes to the market where he meets probably the friendliest people in Vietnam. He compares Mekong people to Saigon people, and he says he would never get the same treatment if he was in Saigon.


The wonderful ambiance the background music brings to the video is just very calming, as you see the sights and sounds of everyday life in Vietnam.

Kyle tours with Koi, his long time friend and restaurant owner, as well as with his foreigner friends. His friends are really beautiful and handsome, by the way. They head off to the market where there are vegetables and meat everywhere.

Everyone is asking to be married off to Kyle, it’s incredible. Haha. They want to be sent off to the United States or somewhere.

Next they head to the hamlets or small towns. Sweet corn and rice abound. It’s really quite a sight to see. The greenery is a welcome change to the glaring of our computer screens.

There are lots more sights and sounds to look out for in the video. Please watch it.