This is a river cruise with power couple Kara and Nate. They came from Thailand and are on their way to Laos. It was really a long way to the boat, they had to basically go all the way the other mountain to get to the other side of the river. I guess that’s protocol.

They get on the boat and soon found themselves in Laos. They have a tour guide that oriented them in the boat where they will be cruising the river once again.

Mekong River From Thailand

The boat is truly luxurious, in that it is very Asian, but at the same time very modern. Great beds, great bar, great tables. It was super smooth sailing from there. There are so many sights to see in the river. Such a wide expanse of water, plus great food with great company.

There are animals such as cows and carabos. Children also come to play. You can enjoy all these sights while you eat authentically Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine. It’s truly magical.